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Please read our Terms of Use before ordering.

  1. This service is Rental. All rented items need to be returned, including SIM cards.
  2. You will be responsible for returning/posting the return package on the last day of your rental period in Japan.
  3. You agree to compensate the amount stated in our Terms of Use in case you were unable to post the rented items on the return date, or not returning, or damaging (including cutting the SIM card), or losing the rented items.
  4. Our SIM cards are for data only. Please note that you will not have a phone number and you will not be able to make calls or receive/send SMS.

We deliver the package by the night before the start date you choose. The date and time of delivery cannot be fixed.

For delivery to a residential address, the package will be posted in the mailbox.

When the postal code is wrong or when the address is not complete or invalid, it takes longer than usual to deliver or it will be returned to us. Please double check the address before confirming your order.

If we think the address you entered is not valid, we may call the phone number you registered or send you an email to check again. Please reply as soon as you can otherwise the package may not be delivered in time.

If you are receiving your package at Airbnb or your friend's house, please read this post: Receive package at airbnb on our blog to avoid troubles.

Rental Start Date is the date you wish to start using the item, the date you want to pick up/receive the package.

At this moment, you can choose 2017/07/28(YYYY/mm/dd) or later as the start date.

If you would like to start earlier than that, please order Express Shipping. Details are written below.

If you wish to start the rental earlier than the date mentioned above, we can arrange express shipping for a fee (430 JPY) on top of the flat rate shipping charges. Please click the "Express Shipping" button below and it will be added to your cart.

We DO NOT accept express shipping to Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Okinawa regions.

The earliest possible start date/delivery date we accept at the moment is as below. Please note that the date is different depending on the pickup point and the region of the delivery address.

The post offices in the airports(except in Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Okinawa).: 2017/07/27.

The Japan post offices(except in the airports), hotels, and residential addresses except in the regions mentioned above: 2017/07/26.

*We may not be able to accommodate the request when items are out of stock.
*The order must be completed with payment for the package to be sent out.